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1-On-1 Life Coaching

By Sherree Holloway


What does a life coach do?


     Life coaches are skilled at drawing  out a person's wisdom to maximize all desired goals. As a life coach, spending one on one time with clients  will help to establish goals, line up priorities, monitor progress, and create better solutions to set backs when experiencing life's challenges. After revealing issues and discussing solutions, the life coach helps to put your plan into action assuring that all goals and aspirations are achieved.

My name is Sherree Holloway and its my pleasure to extend my expertise and skills to assist you on your journey.


 "It's your world and all of what you have created is living in it"


   You have battled and faced both success and loss with loved ones, friends, family, school, employers, opposing teams, and life! Life can be quite challenging at times. However with a personal but direct approach and flexibility with SELF, all is possible. In a supportive and understanding environment, I encourage you as my client to unravel your story and share your experiences. With your support in mind, I seek to encourage you to take brave steps towards positive growth and self-empowerment. The ultimate goal is to bring about self-awareness and self-support. As your coach, I am here to guide you every step of the way, in all aspects of your life, specific personal projects, business successes, goal-setting, relationship dynamics, and career change. As your coach, I am here to provide insight and or guidance. A partnership and a distinct service to uplift and inspire you as a client and to work diligently on your goals and aspirations for the present and future, creating a new life path just for you.

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