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All of our beads are custom-made and hand-strung in-house. Each set of beads is made with genuine love and positive intentions up to 45" long. (Custom Beads are available)


Waist Beads are single or multi-string beads made of glass, natural stone, bone, and metals. Using a durable cotton string or wire, beads are worn to help weight loss, shaping the waist and accentuating hips. Waist Beads are said to signify wealth and nobility while enhancing self-confidence, and feminine energy or simply to adorn your body and look even more beautiful.

Black Beauty

  • 1. Move all beads to the back of the string by sliding both ends of the beads up the string. You should have close to equal parts of string on both sides.

    2. Now Place beads around the waist in the desired location above the navel or below depending on your goals or preference. Once you have decided where you want your beads to sit. Place your finger there to remember which beads to remove. 

    3. Next slide the excess beads off the string on both sides. Now Intertwine the string and tie 3-4 Knots o secure beads. 

    4. Now cut any extra string that may be left after tieing the beads on.  Don't cut the Knot sis!

    5. Turn Knot to the back and that's it!

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