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Waist Beads are single or multi-string beads made of glass, natural stone, bone, and metals. Using a durable string or wire, beads are worn to help weight loss, shaping the waist and accentuating hips.


Waist Beads are said to signify wealth and nobility while enhancing self-confidence, and feminine energy.


Historians believe the African tradition of waist beads may have originated among the Yoruba tribes, waist beads are also seen in West Africa, notably, Ghana, where the beads signify wealth, aristocracy, and femininity.


Waist beads are now worn for many reasons: weight control, waist shaping, working with the womb energy, or simply to adorn your body and look even more beautiful.


Custom Waist Beads

  • Waist beads are delicate. Handle with loving care as you would any piece of jewelry. Do not pull or stretch the beads as it may cause the cording to break or lose its shape. Be mindful when putting on or removing clothing.

    Discoloration may occur due to elemental changes and the use of different products that ate applied to the skin.

    When not wearing store in mesh or satin cloth jewelry bag. 

    We are not responsible for damage or loss of waist beads or any jewelry.

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